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End-to-end strong encryption

The encryption is completed on the PC of the issuer and the decryption on the PC or mobile phone of the recipient. There is no risk of compromise of the confidentiality of the transmission.

Immediate installation without constraints

KawanDoc is installed as easily as WinZip©. The software does not require an Administratorís authority!
Usage is thus immediate and without a complex setup.

Setting permissions

Your documents are protected according to the access rights you have chosen:

  •     Right to print.
  •     Right to extract content (copy / paste, etc.).
  •     Right to change content.

Very simple encryption and transmission

You select your contacts from the address book or by typing the name directly: the AutoComplete shows you the possible recipients.
To send it, you drag/drop the PDF with your mouse from your desktop to the send window.

Then, only one click to:

  • generate the password,
  • encrypt the PDF or PDFs,
  • send the encrypted PDFs to our server, which performs final transmission by e-mail,
  • send the SMS message or messages through our gateway.

A universal solution for transmitting on all OS Desktops

KawanDoc works identically on Windows, OS X and Linux.

It includes a PDF Editor for urgent confidential messages

You have an urgent and confidential e-mail to send? Directly compose the text in KawanDoc's PDF built-in editor. One click and the PDF is generated and ready to send.

No secret exchange to manage your recipients, no prior explanation

No need to contact them. KawanDoc transmits the PDF or PDFs with an explanatory e-mail.
They also automatically receive the password by SMS with reference to the identification of the e-mail.

No software required to install for your recipients, no need to ask them to register on a website

Simply click on the encrypted PDF and enter the requested password!

Decryption and reading on 100% of computers, mobile phones and OS on the market

You do not have to worry about the hardware or OS of your correspondents: Windows, OS X, Linux/Unix, Android, iOS, Windows CE, BlackBerry,...
Decryption is managed on all known platforms.

Use of impenetrable cryptographic algorithm and long keys

Encryption is performed using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm with 128 or 256-bit long keys.
AES is the official algorithm for governmental organizations in the USA.

It is considered impenetrable, including by national intelligence agencies.

Smooth business operation: no configuration of your network or your firewall

KawanDoc only uses the HTTP protocol in SSL on standard ports. Proxies (with or without authentication) are supported

Tracking delivery of SMS

Each SMS sent is tracked.
You can verify that your correspondents received an SMS for each transmission. In the event of non-transmittal, the reason is provided.

Instant import from your Outlook Office and Gmail address books

KawanDoc includes wizards to import from Office Outlook and Gmail. Imports are made without any manipulation and/or selection of fields.

If you do not use Office Outlook or Gmail, the CSV import wizard allows you to import any address book in CSV format.

Integration of business directories

We can optionally plug ourselves into your directory (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)