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KawanDoc allows you to easily send your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents by e-mail in PDF format by encrypting them with strong cryptography.

Your recipients do not need any software or website registration to open and decipher them.

With a single click:

  • Your PDF documents are encrypted with end-to-end strong cryptography (AES algorithm and 128 or 256-bit long keys).
  • A long password generated automatically serves as an encryption key.
  • The password is automatically sent via SMS to each of your recipients. There is therefore no risk of loss of confidentiality of the PDF documents.
  • The encrypted PDF documents are sent on the mailboxes of your e-mail recipients.

Each recipient will receive:

  • Encrypted PDF documents in their e-mail box.
  • A text message on their cell phones that contains the password.

The recipient can then immediately open each PDF received with the SMS password.

You do not have to worry about the hardware or OS of your correspondents: Windows, OS X, Linux/Unix, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,... Decryption is managed on all known platforms.

And this without any service or website or software to install!

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